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Clean & Repair

Cleaning, preparation and repair is the first and most important step in any concrete resurfacing or restoration project and is vital to ensuring a long lasting concrete surface.  Cutting corners at this stage leads to damaged concrete in the future.  From cleaning and de-greasing, patching and crack repairs, to waterproofing and densifiers, we have all the right products to ensure your concrete surface is prepared properly for a protective coating that will remain beautiful for years to come.

surecrete elasto shield Although specifically created for SureCrete concrete coatings, Elasto-Shield is also ideally suited for use with ceramic tile, stone, and EFIS applications. It forms a continuious water-proofing barrier with outstanding adhesion and reduces crack transission in floors. more information
Concrete Cleaner Surecrete SCR This concrete cleaner (SCR) is also the premier surface preparation material for any secondary coloring upon decorative concrete, as well as decoratively stained or colors concrete. more information
Concrete Hardener Surecrete LD 1800
LD 1800
is a most desirable alternative to conventional sodium or potassium sodium hardeners that leave a high concentration of salts deposited upon the concrete surface. more information
Surecrete Deep Concrete Hole patch and Level Used with a concrete restoration system, it provides a workable repair, no-slump patch that offers superior bonding power to repair and patch larger concrete spalls in concrete floors, build ramps, repair loading docks, and parking lot pavement. more information
Concrete Flash Patch for small cracks and holes Used with a concrete restoration system, it provides a workable, no-slump patch that sets quickly for quicker return to service. This thin patch (Flash-Patch) can patch small concrete holes tappered down to almost nothing. Fast dry time. more information
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