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Acid Stain

Sure Stain Concrete Reactive Acid Earth Tones:
Apply first coat with SP sprayer on dry surface using caution to avoid track lines from the spray pattern. A circular motion with the wand is desired. Acid Earth Tones may be applied full strength or diluted with water to desired rate. The first coat may be brushed or brushed into the surface. Use color-fast, acid resistant brushes or brooms. If stain is brushed, maintain a wet edge, never allow a wet broom to drag across a dry slab, as it may leave a permanent streak or brush stroke. Areas that may call for brushing are sloped surfaces, slabs with “bird baths,” stamped concrete, and overlays. Do not walk on the wet surface. Footprints will appear darker than the adjacent areas. If stepped on by accident, the footprints should be brushed out immediately. Allow the first coat to dry to the touch. Apply second coat in the same manner as the first coat, as described above. Do not brush the second coat. Allow acid to dry overnight.

Multiple Colors  
Colors may be layered or alternated as desired. For crisp, distinct, and separate color changes, a score line should be utilized. Chemical stain will bleed across traditional masking. Shielding or masking at a score line will prevent the bleeding of colors as long as the stain is not puddled heavily at score lines.
Concrete Staining
Spanish Gold – Spice Nut – Harvest Gold – Mission Brown
acid concrete stain jade black blue terra cotta

Terra Cotta – Black – Jade – Pacific Blue


Packaging (1) Gallon container
Coverage  200 sq ft per gallon
Dilution Rate Varies from no water dilution to approx. 4:1 / water
Colors 8


Concrete Acid Stain Earth Tone Colors

SureStain is not a typical stain or dye. It is made from a very mild hydrochloric or phosphoric acid solution, wetting agents, and metallic ions (salts), and specially formulated pigments. When applied on concrete or any cementitious topping the metallic ions chemically react with the free alkaline in the cement forming oxides that produce the color. Unlike dyes that produce an even color, SureStain produces the multi-hued, variegated, mottled look of natural stone.
Packaging:(1) Gallon container
Coverage 200 sq ft per gallon
Dillution Rate Varies from no water dilution to approx. 4:1 / water Colors

Manufacturer: Surecrete Design Products
Product Name: Acid-Stain
Size(s): 1 Gallon

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Part Number: acid-stain-color
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