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Water Base Stain

This water based stain by Surecrete is an exciting alternative to typical reactive acid staining. There are no acids or harmful chemicals integrated in its design. Since no chemical reaction takes place, there is no extended waiting time for color to reach full development. Cement substitutes will not affect color, unlike reactive acid stains that are dependent upon alkalinity to create a chemical reaction.

Eco-Stains in blues & greens will not spot black in the presence of moisture And are UV stable This stain penetrates the inherent porosity of cementitious products to produce color. Color may be “built up” without the worry of spending all the alkalinity, as with acid stain. Eco-Stain saves time on the job with no rinsing, no mopping, no neutralizing, and no residue.

Apply first coat of Eco-Stain with SP sprayer on dry surface using caution to avoid track lines from the spray pattern. A circular motion with the wand is desired. Eco-Stain may be applied full strength or diluted with water to desired rate. Applying additional coats of Eco-Stian is optional. Supplementary colors may be combined at desired rates and number of coats. Customarily apply lighter colors first. In addition to spraying, some contractors employ mopping, sponging, and ragging, especially for accenting. CLEAN-UP— None, simply allow to dry.

Eco-Stain Concrete Water Stain Colors:

Eco Stain Arbor Green Autum gold Aztec Gold Beechnut
Arbor Green – Autumn  – Gold Aztec Gold – Beechnut
Concrete Stain Bermuda Blue Blue Ash Burnt Crimson Cool Forest
Bermuda Blue – Blue Ash – Burnt Crimson – Cool Forest
Eco-Stain Domino Epic Blue Espresso Fir Green
Domino – Epic Blue – Espresso – Fir Green
Concrete Stain Flamingo Green Olive Harvest Yellow Kayak
Flamingo – Green Olive – Harvest Yellow – Kayak
Stain Coloring Kodiak Magnet Navy Blue Orange Blossom
Kodiak – Magnet – Navy Blue – Orange Blossom
concrete color Oak Pewter Ruby Safari Tan
Oak – Pewter – Ruby – Safari Tan
Spanish Red Thai Green Titanium Walnut
Spanish Red – Thai Green – Titanium – Walnut
White Concrete Stain



Water Based Stain For Concrete

Manufacturer: Surecrete Design Products
Product Name: Eco-Stain Size(s): 1,5,55 Gallon
Status: (In-Stock)
Part Number: Eco-(Color) Toronto Area (GTA) Call: 416-731-7692
Simcoe, Muskoka Call: 705-818-1049

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