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Coloring and Stain

Coloring your concrete countertop or fireplace surround has never been easier. Starting with your concrete color you can make your precast piece one solid base color. With 30 main colors to chose from, you can create and match the perfect design you are looking for. If you are looking for a “marble” look, you can use a veining color to get that natural marble look. With 30 standard veiling colors to chose from, creating the perfect precast or terrazzo piece never looked better. You can finish coloring your piece with a water based stain that can be used to accent your contertop. this concrete countertop stain can be applied many different ways including, pump sprayer, airless sprayer, brushed on or even sponged on. No matter if your creating a travertine piece with some natural looking concrete veins, or even using the pressed method, you have the flexibility to get your desired colors with these products.

Concrete Water Based Stain  Eco-Stain -SureCrete’s Eco-Stain is an exciting alternative to typical reactive acid stains. There are no acids or harmful chemicals integrated in its design. Since no chemical reaction takes place, there is no extended waiting time for color to reach full development. Cement substitutes will not affect color, unlike reactive acid stains that are dependent upon alkalinity to create a chemical reaction. Eco-Stains in blues & greens will not spot black in the presence of moisture And are UV stable Eco-Stain penetrates the inherent porosity of cementitious products to produce color. Color may be “built up” without the worry of spending all the alkalinity, as with acid stain. Eco-Stain saves time on the job with no rinsing, no mopping, no neutralizing, and no residue. See all available Eco-Stain Colors.
Precast Eco Stained Table Precast Fireplace Suround Stain Out Door Kitchen Counter top Stained
Solid Countertop Colors SureCrete’s Solid Color Packages gives you 30 color options. These color packs are added to the precast mix and are blended into the concrete mix. Standard colors available are : NATURAL WHITE – LIMESTONE – MINT – GREEN SLATE – BLUE FOG – CORAL – TERRA COTTA – OLD BRICK – TILE RED – REDWOOD – DESERT SAND – PUTTY – SAND BUFF – SMOKE – TAUPE – CARIBBEAN CREAM – IVORY ANTIQUE WHITE – SUN BUFF – ALMOND – SPICE – MAPLE WOOD – BROWN DERBY – CHOCOLATE – DARK WALNUT – DOVE GRAY – CONCRETE GRAY SILVER GRAY … See Color Chart

Countertop Stains and Coloring

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